About Us

Odalys and Julio Martin are ordinary people, just like you, who had a dream when they opened their first store in 2010.
It was extraordinarily difficult for this working class couple but they knew: in America anything is possible. At that time, our country was having an economic crisis, yet the Martins insisted on pursuing their vision. Odalys has been in the beauty industry for over 25 years and Julio capitalized on her experience; creating what we know as the Beauty Mall Suites!

The Martin’s vision has changed the lives of hundreds of beauty professionals who have found independence by establishing their own businesses with minimal start-up costs. As a result, the demand for salon suites has increased tremendously over the last 6 years. They have established a growing waiting list of professionals eager to lease one of the salon suites. This growing trend equates to lucrative opportunities for investors.
As stated by the founders themselves, “We can not do this alone. We want to offer this high-income investment opportunity to regular people like us.”
Every franchisee will receive the expertise and support of the founders, from point A to Z. This support includes: evaluating the best location for your Beauty Square, negotiating the best deals with landlords, developing the layout plans, decorations, advertising, access to all leasing materials, and a 24/7 direct line to communicate with the founders. If you are a regular person with big dreams, just like the Martins, please give them a call so they can help direct you in the right path toward completing financial independence.
“If you want to become a successful entrepreneur; if you want to have a proven business with minimal worries; if you want a business that works for you instead of you working for your business; if you want free time to enjoy your love ones; if you want to ‘Declare your Independence’, call us today.”
Julio Martin, President & CEO